Introducing Dini Argeo newest panel solution: the DGT1P Weight Indicator

Introducing Dini Argeo newest panel solution: the DGT1P Weight Indicator

Dini Argeo S.r.l. (Italy) - Press Release: Panel weight transmitter/indicator with aluminum case. Ideal as microcontroller in industrial weighing and dosing systems, it makes it easier and safer to integrate the weighing into any automation system. Up to 2 programmable digital inputs and 6 outputs.

Technical Features:

  • Power supply: 12-24 Vdc
  • Converter: A/D 24 bit with 1 channel
  • Max number of scales: 1
  • Load cells connection: 4 or 6 wires (with sense)
  • Conversion rate: 400 Hz
  • Selectable sampling rate: up to 400 conv./sec
  • Displaying: up to 800.000d
  • Signal sensitivity: 0,01 µV/d (0,03 µV/e)
  • Resolution: 3.000.000 points
  • Linearization: up to 8 points
  • Connectable load cells: up to 16x350 Ω cells
  • Serial ports: 1 RS485 port
  • Analog output: 16 bit optoisolated (DGT1PAN Model) choosing between 0-5Vdc, 0-10Vdc, 4-20mA or 0-20mA.
  • Digital outputs: n. 2 OUT (optional up to 6), configurable optoisolated photomosfet
  • Digital inputs: n. 2 IN, configurable optoisolated
  • Case: aluminium. Dimensions:100 x 53 x 136 mm(lxhxw). Panel cutout: 92 x 44 mm(lxh).
  • Calibration:
    • Theoretical (mV\V)
    • With sample weights
  • Keyboard functions: zeroing, tare, function mode, print, manual data sending, On/Stand-by
  • Program functions:
    • Setpoint
    • High resolution
    • Peak
    • Alibi Memory
    • Unit of measure conversion
  • Keyboard: mechanical with 5 digits, waterproof
  • Display: 14,2mm red LED

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