Introducing the new generation of Industrial Weight Graders from CI Precision

Introducing the new generation of Industrial Weight Graders from CI Precision

CI Precision (United Kingdom) - Press Release: A five-way precision weight grading system to weigh, grade and sort every small part up to 8 grams to improve in-process sampling and quality control. Discrepancies in weight can be used to detect incomplete, substandard or damaged products, and can also be used to indirectly calculate other design critical parameters.

  • Our unique ability to detect very small variations in weight at high speed, is a highly efficient and cost-effective way of performing quality control
  • Far more economical and greater value for money when compared to more conventional alternatives
  • Key metrics can be derived from weight measurements such as material absorption, saturation, contamination, coating thickness, energy/protein content, over/under-filling, missing parts, malformed or damaged mouldings, and many more

CI Precision is a recognised leader in products for precision weight sorting in the pharmaceutical sector. For over 30 years the company has also created custom solutions for other industries. The insights from these customers enabled us to develop a new product, optimised for precision weighing in other applications and industry sectors.

The MX precision weight grader is the first of a new generation of products from CI Precision. It builds on the strengths of the SADE SP pharmaceutical range – accuracy, reliability and speed – with additional capabilities to meet the demands of industrial and food manufacturing. As a standard product it is ready to meet your needs out of the box.

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