Island City Baking invests in Vantage Formulation Weighing & Traceability System from SG Systems

Island City Baking invests in Vantage Formulation Weighing & Traceability System from SG Systems
SG Systems (USA) - Island City Baking is located in Richmond, British Columbia in a newly built 50,000 square foot state of the art facility with the latest in high end Artisan style baking equipment.

To complement their existing ultra-modern quality control program and introduce electronic traceability and material control, Island City Baking made contact with SG systems at the IBIE Baking Show in Las Vegas. They made a wise choice and purchased the Vantage Traceability System from SG Systems LLC.

Vantage Traceability System:
With recent food traceability scares affecting thousands of food companies (all food processing facilities) – food companies like Island City Bakery are faced with a choice as to how to address the traceability legislation from the incoming raw ingredients of products to their mixing, batching & blending process, through to the labeling of finished and repackaged goods.

This can be an expensive and brand damaging problem to address if companies take the traditional and inadequate paper-trail route.

The Vantage Traceability System is a combination of hardware and software designed to bridge the gap between the production floor weighing and labeling processes and the management team. All incoming raw materials are booked in at Goods Inwards onto the Inventory Control module and allocated to precise locations within the site giving real time inventory levels which highlights shortages before commencing production.

When the daily production requirements have been established (using Globalbake ERP), the pick list for daily inventory is generated and communicated with Vantage Traceability System Terminals. This schedule provides the Vantage Traceability System Terminals with information relating to production orders, items ordered and inventory lot numbers to deduct from.

When the operator selects the relevant production order from the Vantage touch screen display, the system details how many batches of a particular product have been scheduled. Each formula is then weighed to a target weight (forcing the Operator to weigh accurately and work to weight tolerances set by management). Only when each element of the formula is exactly within the management set weighing tolerances will the system allow the operator to progress to the next ingredient ensuring product consistency is always maintained. All ingredient lot codes are validated and recorded for full traceability. As many of the formulations have ‘blends within blends’ the system is configured to allow for a multi-level recipe structure providing traceability across the liquid yeast formulations which are combined to form the finished product.

After the mixing, batching and baking process the product is either frozen or sold fresh. Island City Baking has hundreds of finished product SKU’s each with specific label formats (Canadian manufacturers require English / French descriptions, GS128 Barcode Symbology, Ingredient Declaration and a Finished Batch Number which is fully traceability).

Finished products are scanned at the shipping dock using wireless mobile PC’s which allow the picking and shipping process to take place in a very efficient manner. FEFO is imposed to create automatic inventory rotation, ensuring scanned products transfer the order correctly while depleting inventory accurately.

The Tightest Possible Production Control & Traceability:
Being based on the well proven Vantage Traceability System, the reporting package has the ability to pinpoint which Lot Numbers have been delivered to which customers and when – all in real time. Simply enter the Lot Number into the PC and it will generate an Ingredient Traceability Report providing shipping details in the event of a product recall.

The reports package also enables visibility of operator performance, production throughput, and production yield while generating no additional workload for the site staff. The system provides traceability to comply with the most stringent food safety legislation and enables our process to score highly with the retailers requiring traceability.

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