Article by Australian Weighing Equipment: Know The Different Types of Weighbridges

Article by Australian Weighing Equipment: Know The Different Types of Weighbridges

Australian Weighing Equipment (Australia) - First, what is a weighbridge?

A simple definition of weighbridge is a device used to measure bulk items, but unlike regular scales, Weighbridges are designed to measure heavy items at large weight intervals. A weighbridge is most commonly used for weighing large vehicles such as trucks or rail containers or for checking incoming and outgoing vehicles. Used in industries such as mining and quarries, weighbridges have electronic monitors that display the weight of the vehicle to gain accurate measurements of the goods they contain. Through the help of the weighbridge, businesses and companies can buy or sell goods by charging customers by the weight of load supplied or delivered, and determine freight costs or other charges based on weight.The function of the weighbridge is pretty straightforward, but the technology required to achieve the result is highly accurate, precise and innovative.

What’s The Importance Of Having A Weighbridge?

A high-quality weighbridge is indeed an investment as the importance of a well-functioning weighbridge will highly affect your business operations. Most weighbridge operators and owners are aware that overloaded vehicles are a safety risk and the fines issued for overloading can be seriously damaging to your business, but what most of them don’t know is that overloading can also increase the wear and tear of vehicles, thus shortening their lives. Also, imagine how a weighbridge can prevent vehicle under loading, helping your business avoid lessened productivity whenever your trucks and vehicles leave your warehouse at less than full capacity. This is where weighbridge comes to the rescue- saving you loads of money by avoiding overloading (and under loading).

What Are The Different Types of Weighbridge?

In order to maintain precise and accurate measurements, having just one size fits all weighbridge systems is not advisable. You need to find a weighbridge that is best suited for the particular application depending on different budgets, situations and industries. This is why the different types of weighbridges available in the market today are classified according to their task/ purpose, their modes of operation, and the type of construction used in creating them. If you are thinking of purchasing a weighbridge, there are also other things to consider such as permission processes and regional standards.

Above-Ground Weighbridges are the most affordable and easiest to deploy/ install. They don’t require foundations or major civil works to set up but they require a lot of space for ramps which are typically 3-5 meters long, along with extra space allowance on both sides for the safety of the operator and more space for associated steelworks. Above-Ground Weighbridges are built to support heavy vehicles which is why they are made of huge, strong, steel frames. Considered as the most cost-effective option to install and purchase, the foundation of Above-Ground Weighbridges are usually at ground-level with load cells positioned just a bit higher supporting the mounted weighbridge deck.

In-Ground Weighbridges are considered the most expensive option for a weighbridge. Considering the additional concrete, extra labor for construction and additional work for excavation, this weighbridge will really cost you a lot but for a good reason. In-ground Weighbridges are ideally suited for areas or sites with limited space available because of its weighing deck that is positioned at ground level, eliminating the need for ramps. Through the help of In-ground Weighbridges, you can expect that your truck is at liberty to approach the platform from any direction.

Now, combine both above-ground and in-ground weighbridge designs, and you get the Semi-Pit Weighbridges. Carrying some of the features of the two mentioned weighbridges, the semi-pit weighbridge is installed at ground level along with the load cells and foundations mounted below ground as well but in an open area/ pit. When using the semi-pit weighbridge, you won’t need access permits, air-quality checks and stand-by personnel when servicing or when cleaning.

Portable Weighbridges, as suggested by it’s name, are commonly used in special situations where it’s easier to transport the weighbridge rather than the loaded vehicle itself. This might be unusual for some, but there are some regions which are so remote with several loading locations, for example, mining and logging industries. You can get the weight reading of your entire line of trucks at your production site through this weighbridge. This means a lot of fuel will be saved through an on-site weighing instead of driving each one of them to the weighbridge. Portable weighbridges are also the easiest to maintain as they can be driven easily to a service center.


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Freightweigh Above Ground Weighbridge

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Pit Weighbridge

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AML Portable Weighbridge

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