LAUMAS - Martin Levelling Components Partnership

LAUMAS - Martin Levelling Components Partnership

Laumas Elettronica SRL (Italy) - Press Release: We have recently entered into a partnership with Martin Levelling Components, a leading Italian and European manufacturer of feet for machines and leveling components: leveling feet, adjustable feet, supports for machine tools, and anti-vibration systems.

Just like LAUMAS, Martin meets a wide range of needs in many different fields and has become our trusted supplier, especially when it comes to hygienic feet, which are certified to the 3-A Sanitary Standard.

How did this partnership start?

The collaboration with Martin was born out of the need to provide the LAUMAS FLC 3A load cell with a fully hygienic foot that would make it suitable for use in fields in which high hygiene standards are required, for example in the food or pharmaceutical industries.

This requirement was met by the Tekno-Hygienic feet, which made it possible for us to offer our customers a complete, fully sanitizable weighing component.

What are the advantages?

As a result of this partnership, customers can now buy all kinds of feet from Martin: from hygienic feet to classic feet, and even customizable ones.

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