MARCO launched TechMaster

MARCO launched TechMaster

MARCO Ltd (United Kingdom) - TechMaster is a compact, robust, industrial PC that has a competitive price point to allow it to be used at every weighing workstation within the packing environment. Utilising the latest IoT technology, TechMaster allows complete flexibility on what can be displayed to each and every operator. Video can be played individually, to a line, or the entire packhouse and as a result the majority of paper-based instructions can be eliminated.

The MARCO IoT technology has been developed over the past three years with specific elements of it designed for the fresh produce industry. Measure, control, improve is widely recognised as an ethos to adopt in process driven organisations and IoT is the ideal technology platform to help implement this. In particular, this technology is the perfect fit for the manual packing process where you want all contributors to be at the maximum possible productivity, be it a machine or a human being.

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