Marsden keeps it simple for low price, high capacity Veterinary Scale

Marsden keeps it simple for low price, high capacity Veterinary Scale

Marsden Weighing Group (United Kingdom) - UK weighing scales manufacturer Marsden has launched a new veterinary scale for medium to large animals, and it’s their lowest priced large veterinary scale yet.

Large pets and even small farm animals can be weighed on the new V-180 which is available to order now via Marsden’s website. Marsden has kept the features of the scale simple so that it is easy to use.

The scale has a 180kg capacity, accuracy to 100g, and has a large, lightweight base with carry handle.

The indicator – where the weight is displayed – is separate from the base, and magnetic. This means it can be affixed to a metal examination table, for example.

Mark Coates, Operations Director at Marsden, said: “The Marsden veterinary range now has a weighing scale for just about any animal weighing need, but we felt an entry-level scale was needed for weighing larger pets.

“We’ve been able to keep the V-180 to its most essential elements, and this has meant we can offer it at a lower price.”

Donna Jebson, Sales Manager at Marsden, said: “Our larger weighing scales are popular with farms and breeders, as well as veterinary practices who need a weighing scale in the waiting area.”

“The V-180 is accurate, easy to use and fills a gap in the market for an entry level, high capacity animal scale.”

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