Mettler Toledo’s New Mobile Library App for Weighing Expertise on the Go

Mettler Toledo’s New Mobile Library App for Weighing Expertise on the Go
METTLER TOLEDO (Switzerland) - A new application is available that allows 24/7 mobile access to METTLER TOLEDO white papers, webinars and other valuable content. Now, everyone can have expert weighing knowledge at their fingertips.

METTLER TOLEDO has announced the launch of a new, free "Mobile Library" application to make it easy for customers and those interested in weighing to access expert information from wherever they are. Using the app, users can explore resources for weighing system design, process and quality improvement, and choose the right equipment for specific requirements. The new app features METTLER TOLEDO videos, webinars, white papers and guides. It is available for Android and IOS operating systems.

"Many processes rely on weighing to ensure products are made perfectly. But there is a lot to consider when weighing - many aspects can affect product quality, profitability and operational efficiency. With the launch of our new free app, that knowledge is immediately available to anyone who needs it," Michael Ries, head of industrial marketing for METTLER TOLEDO.

The application features:
  • Videos - Short videos show how our products work and explain their benefits
  • Webinars - Get in-depth expert knowledge on technical and non-technical weighing topics
  • White papers - For detailed information on a variety of weighing-related topics
  • Guides - Give how-to expertise regarding weighing
The content covers topics important to businesses, ranging from regulatory compliance and quality control to load-cell technology and advice for scale selection.

For more information or to download the New Mobile Library App from Mettler Toledo click here (iTunes) or here (Google Play).

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