Micro Weighing Solutions Celebrates 25th Anniversary Milestone

Micro Weighing Solutions Celebrates 25th Anniversary Milestone

Micro Weighing Solutions - MWS Ltd (United Kingdom) - Press Release: From humble beginnings to one of the largest UK scale manufacturers.

Micro Weighing Solutions (MWS), the independent UK manufacturer of industrial weighing equipment, announced the celebration of its 25th anniversary milestone.  

Founded in 1998, MWS has grown rapidly over the years and now boasts a team of thirty people across the manufacturing, service and sales departments. Today, MWS manufactures its own range of scales from its 17,000 square foot factory in Leicester. In 2020, MWS opened a second office in County Durham with a dedicated service team to look after its growing client base in the north.  

MWS is one of the only UK scale manufactures to offer end-to-end weighing solutions, from design and manufacturing of scales through to installation, calibration, software and on-going service and maintenance. 

Kelvin Cooper, Operations Director, Micro Weighing Solutions, said, “We may not be one of the oldest scale companies in the UK, but that actually works to our advantage. We have the agility and flexibility of a younger company, combined with the experience and knowledge of a seasoned team. This means we can offer our clients innovative solutions that are tailored to their specific needs, while also drawing on a wealth of expertise to ensure we deliver the highest quality service. We are committed to staying at the forefront of our industry, offering unique solutions that save our customers time and money.” 

Andrew Clarke, Managing Director, Micro Weighing Solutions, adds, “Having been with the company since the start, I am proud to be working alongside such an amazing group of people. From the beginning, our aim was always to provide the best end-to-end weighing solutions. As an independent manufacturing and service business, we’re not beholden to shareholders or tied to a specific supplier, and therefore only sell what we feel is the best fit for that client’s needs. We are proud to manufacture in the UK using high quality materials and components, so clients can rest easy knowing their weighing scales are reliable, robust and built to last." 

MWS recently announced that it was the first scale manufacturer in the world to introduce a lifetime warranty on the structure of its manufactured products.   

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