Milestone in Dynamic Truck Weighing with SysTec Weight Indicators

Milestone in Dynamic Truck Weighing with SysTec Weight Indicators

SysTec GmbH (Austria) - BATSCH's new dynamic truck scales are unique in the world, as the legal-for-trade scales with SysTec weight indicators can achieve an accuracy of +/- 1 percent at a travel speed of up to 35 km/h. The legally enforceable weighing results can be sent to the EDP in real time - in case of an overloaded truck, a direct fine is possible.

The requirements of EU Directive 2015/719 are fully met - according to this, all EU member states must take measures in 2021 to be able to determine whether the permissible axle loads or total masses of vehicles have been exceeded. Thus, the W&M approved Weigh-in-Motion systems, which are successfully in operation at the traffic control station on Austria's A5 northern highway, make an important contribution to better road safety. Thanks to vehicle scales, there are fewer accidents caused by overloaded trucks. In addition, the economic costs are reduced due to less road damages.

The evaluation system of the dynamic truck scale consists of a network of several SysTec weighing terminals, which in a coordinated manner and independently of each other determine partial results of the displayed weights. In this demanding application, the high update rates of the fast SysTec weighing electronics were an important criterion. "The variety of applications in the scale and software sector requires ongoing innovation and further development in order to maintain and further expand the market position we have achieved! That is why we use smart and legal-for-trade weighing terminals from SysTec, as they can be flexibly adapted to our requirements. Our new Weigh-in-Motion systems are a milestone in dynamic truck weighing," says Hans Batsch, Managing Director at BATSCH Waagen & EDV GmbH & Co KG.

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