I.M.S Ltd launched the LCIC-BAT Miniature Load Cell Converter with built-in Data-Logger

I.M.S Ltd  launched the LCIC-BAT Miniature Load Cell Converter with built-in Data-Logger

I.M.S. Ltd (Israel) - I.M.S Ltd  launched the LCIC-BAT Miniature Load Cell Converter with built-in Data-Logger, I/O and option to run on batteries.

This advanced  23x30mm load cell converter , can be installed inside a load cell and will turn any strain-gage load cell to a “smart” digital load cell. Very low power consumption allows a load cell to run on standard batteries for several years! Built in temperature measurement and time/date clock. Standard RS485 communication with open protocol allows easy access from any PC/ PLC. 

Main Features:

  • Very low power consumption saves the need for an external power supply. Will run on 3 or 4 standard AA batteries for several years (depending upon the required sampling rate)
  • Standard RS485 communication open protocol with up to 64 units connected along one cable
  • Built–in date / time clock + temperature measurement that also compensates for L/C zero drift
  • Built-in Data-logger that stores up to 8,000 readings with date/time and temperature. Customer can easily set up the intervals between readings to be seconds, minutes, hours or even days...
  • Multi-point calibration to improve load cell linearity or, direct entry of a mV/V calibration table with linearization. Calibration allows to choose readings resolution and engineering units as well as max load cell capacity to avoid overload. Calibration can be named e.g. S/N 123456 and locked with a password.
  • Free all required PC applications for initial setup, calibration and direct reading of weight temperature and all the data-logger.
  • Load cell can be used for tension and compression after the calibration, while zero remains in the middle

Typical applications:

  • Measuring testing and data-logging of forces of ground anchors, rock bolts etc.
  • Monitoring and data logging weights and temperatures in sites that has no power supply
  • Option for “Tailor made” firmware to fit any special requirement

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