RADWAG NANO.AK-4.500.5Y – New Construction!

RADWAG NANO.AK-4.500.5Y – New Construction!

RADWAG Balances and Scales (Poland) - Press Release: The production of more and more accurate mass standards requires the use of more and more accurate measuring devices, such as balances and mass comparators. More accurate, that is, with a smaller elementary plot and better repeatability of readings. For this reason, we RADWAG – as a leading manufacturer of balances and mass comparators – were the first to propose a new design of nano mass comparator with an elementary plot [d] of 0.01 µg.

The publication by Slawomir Janas, PhD, and Michal Solecki, MSc, titled “New design of the automatic mass comparator with an readability of 10 ng” – pewnie zmiana supports the issue of mass standard comparators using the example of the NANO.AK-4.500.5Y by RADWAG. The research invoked by the authors in the publication was carried out at the RADWAG Research Laboratory to provide future and current users with practical information on the application of this unique device. We conducted the tests on-site, for all mass standards and in accordance with normative requirements.

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