NEU Process has commissioned a conveying, dosing and mixing installation for ALITEC

NEU Process has commissioned a conveying, dosing and mixing installation for ALITEC
NEU Process (France) - NEU Process has just commissioned a conveying, dosing and mixing installation of premix formulation dedicated to animal food for ALITEC, located at Vignes, South of France.

This installation is composed of 7 silos, 14 big bag unloading stations® and 5 premix hoppers. It produces 4000 tons/year. The primary products are stored in 7 polyester silos of 35 m3 each, located outside. The 14 big bag unloading stations are equipped with conveying screw feeders each equipped with non-return valve. All the screws are managed by only one variable speed drive. The overall is ground installed.

Dosing of each ingredient is made by cumulating and through a pneumatic conveying into a weighing hopper above the mixer. The screw conveyors and the variable speed drive manage the weighing. The ingredients are conveyed in dilute phase, suction system. This type of transport guarantees product hygiene and integrity.

Different formulations are prepared to enter into the chosen recipe. A paddle mixer with double rotor assures a high quality mixing within a very short time. It is a low speed rotation type with an integral discharge. It allows obtaining homogeneous mixing. The mixed product is transferred either to the sacking station, or the bulk discharge station, or to the 5 premix hoppers. The obtained mixing is introduced by gravity into a blow tank and pneumatically transferred in dense phase, low velocity. This type of conveying minimises product dimixing. These premix mixings can also be introduced into the weighing hopper with additional ingredient for other recipes.

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