New 201ADMIX Weight-Based Admix Dispensing System Video

New 201ADMIX Weight-Based Admix Dispensing System Video
Cardinal Scale (USA) - Cardinal Scale Manufacturing Company’s USA-made 201ADMIX is an accurate and reliable weight-based admixture dispensing system designed for the ready mix and concrete products industries that offers a number of distinct advantages over flow meter systems. You may calibrate the scale by your choice of weight or fluid ounces. The 201ADMIX’s static and dynamic trim help provide highly-accurate valve discharge cut-offs for increased efficiency.

201ADMIX Allows You to Accurately Dispense Fluids by:
  • Weight
  • Pulse
  • Independent (controller directs the 201ADMIX how much material to fill)


Cardinal Scale's 201ADMIX Includes:
  • USA-made model 201ADMIX controller with LCD
  • Polycarbonate box with clear-smoke cover
  • Relays
  • Scale (bottle-mounting bracket and load cell)
3 Different USA-Made Load Cell Capacities Available:
  • 50-lb capacity
  • 100-lb capacity
  • 200-lb capacity

Weight-Based System Advantages Over Flow Meter Systems:
  • Higher degree of accuracy
  • Static and dynamic trim
  • Eliminates flow meter
  • Eliminates zero probe
  • Eliminates overfill probe
Lower Maintenance and Higher Accuracy:
All three of these hardware components listed above, flow meter and probes, are susceptible to high maintenance because they’re physically in contact with the chemicals being measured. By using a weight-based system instead, none of the measurement components come into contact with any caustic chemicals, so they don’t require routine maintenance. Weight-based systems also offer a higher degree of measurement accuracy than flow meter systems.

An SD memory card may be used to record all of the weights or pulses in the 201ADMIX, which provides historical data so that a chemical company can tell how much admix was used and when it’s time to reorder.

Colorful LCD Readouts:
The 201ADMIX provides a bold, highly-visible 0.5-inch-high LCD readout of the amount of fluids dispensed for a quick visual verification of weight status. Multiple dispenser systems installed side by side can each have their own unique color-coded LCD, since the 201ADMIX features seven different LCD colors available (easily configured in Set-up). The 201ADMIX features a remote display port, so the LCD may be remotely mounted in a cabinet up to 30 feet from the transmitter and connected via an optional RS232 cable.

Digital I/O:
Four programmable digital outputs are included for easy connectivity with a computer, PLC, or other smart device.

4 Output Relays (which are typically configured as):
  • 1 relay for Pulses (based on the weight requirement)
  • 1 relay for Zero
  • 1 relay for Overfill to shut down tank operations

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