New Aircraft Weight and Balance I-kits from General Electrodynamics Corporation

New Aircraft Weight and Balance I-kits from General Electrodynamics Corporation
General Electrodynamics Corporation (USA) - General Electrodynamics Corporation (GEC) Continues to Lead the Industry with the Most Advanced Aircraft Weight and Balance Equipment. GEC engineers continue advancements in portable aircraft scale technologies and oday, GEC is the only company with an FAA Repair Station license (G2ER273J) that manufacture highly accurate, precision aircraft weight and balance equipment. If you require true accuracy, real portability and the best quality engineered aircraft weighing products across the globe, GEC can be your choice!

With GEC's "NEW" Aircraft Weight and Balance I-kits, the equipment does all the work. If not already available, you provide them with your type aircraft specific information and their proprietary software comes preloaded. No more manual CG calculations for you. With GEC's standard wireless interface, their miniature load cells and ultra-low profile platforms interface directly to iPads, Androids and PC tablets.

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