New Analytical Balances from KERN

New Analytical Balances from KERN
KERN & SOHN GmbH (Germany) - KERN has recently added new products to their range of analytical balances for laboratory use - the AES-N/AEJ-NM Compact high-end analytical balances, which have a useful pipette calibration program.

Main features:
  • (only AEJ-NM) Automatic internal adjustment in the case of a change in temperature > 0,8 °C or time-controlled every 3 hours
  • Intuitive pipette calibration function to ensure data integrity and to minimise the risks in the daily work with your pipettes: Vmin: 10% of the volume; Va: Arithmetic mean; Es: Systematic error; Vmax: 100 of the volume; Sr: Standard deviation
  • GLP/ISO record keeping of weight values with date, time and serial number
  • Higher weighing speed by switching off the last digit
  • Totalizing of weights (manual/automatic)
  • Modern all glass draft wind shield for optimal visibility of the weighing object
  • Dispensing mode: By pressing one key you can set all relevant parameters for this dispensing process

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