New AS X2 PLUS and AS R2 PLUS analytical balances of RADWAG SYNERGY LAB line

New AS X2 PLUS and AS R2 PLUS analytical balances of RADWAG SYNERGY LAB line

RADWAG Balances and Scales (Poland) - The latest SYNERGY LAB line now includes AS X2 PLUS and AS R2 PLUS analytical balances. The instruments feature numerous innovative construction and system solutions guaranteeing reliability, precision and accuracy of mass measurement, and making everyday operation in a laboratory more convenient.

The AS X2 PLUS and AS R2 PLUS balances obtain excellent metrological results, which makes them market leaders among advanced- and standard-class analytical balances. Innovative construction solutions increase durability and reliability of the instruments in long term operation. What is more, the balances are highly resistant to variable ambient conditions due to which mass measurement can be carried out in laboratory where maintaining respective values of temperature, humidity and pressure is difficult.

Balance Levelling System:

Advanced-class AS X2 PLUS analytical balances are equipped with the LevelSENSING system. In-built sensors measure tilt and display graphic message on the weighing device screen. Levelling system facilitates adjustment, controls the level state, and informs about level deviations, all this in accordance with GLP and GMP.

Standard version of the AS R2 PLUS balance is equipped with a level indicator located at the front of the weighing chamber, which significantly facilitates balance level control.

Levelling operation is now simplified and easier due to the reduced quantity of adjustable supporting points (2 points).

Ergonomic Mechanical Design:

Spacious weighing chamber and large open-door clearance ensure easy access to the weighing pan and facilitate use of laboratory glassware of various sizes and dimensions. Improved aluminium base of the balance guarantees stability of the weighing system.

Dual-CLICK system allows tool-free assembly and disassembly of the weighing chamber. No rims at the pane guides facilitate keeping the device clean.

Easy communication with peripherals due to placing of the additional USB interface at the balance front.

Antistatic Weighing Chamber:

The panes feature antistatic coating compensating electrostatic charges on the sample and eliminating electrostatics influence on the weighing result...

*Antistatic coating has been applied in balances with readability of d=0.01mg.

Easy and Intuitive Operation:

Both versions feature clear information arrangement on the display, which guarantees intuitive balance operation. Direct access to functions and databases via key set located on the balance panel.

AS X2 PLUS balances are equipped with 5” colour display. The displayed information can be customized to suit user's needs, which significantly simplifies and accelerates everyday operation.

Standard AS R2 PLUS balance is equipped with LCD display. Intuitive pictograms signal working mode, selected function, connection with computer, battery status, etc. Dedicated status bar enables display of additional messages, e.g. product name, tare value.

Communication Interfaces:

The functionalities of AS R2 PLUS balances can be expanded using the following communication interfaces: USB-A, USB-B, RS 232, Wi-Fi® (option in AS R2 PLUS).

AS PLUS balances are equipped with Kensington Lock, which allows to secure the device against theft.

The additional USB port located on the front of the balance enables easy and fast communication with the USB flash drive and connecting additional devices.

Wireless Communication:

Wi-Fi® enables wireless communication between the balance and a computer or a mobile device via RADWAG application and software.

Internal Adjustment:

Modernized internal adjustment system guarantees accurate indications in extremely unfavourable conditions.

ALIBI Memory:

Data safety is ensured by the ALIBI memory integrated into AS R2 PLUS balances, which enables record of up to 100 000 weighings. ALIBI guarantees continuity of data collection over a long period of time.

Data Protection:

Access to valuable information is possible after logging. The administrator manages the data access configuration. In AS X2 PLUS balances you can determine three permission levels.


AS X2 PLUS balances for advanced solutions feature numerous functionalities ensuring support and supervision over the mass measurement and limiting the risk of "human factor" errors, e.g. automatic adjustment, data access permission levels, touchless operation, ALIBI memory, automatic reports and ambient conditions monitoring.


Available in the first quarter of 2020.

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