New BACSA’s Hand Pallet Truck Scale R-2100L Stainless Steel

New BACSA’s Hand Pallet Truck Scale R-2100L Stainless Steel
BACSA - Básculas y Arcas Catalunya, S.A. (Spain) - The New hand pallet truck scale R-2100L in Stainless Steel weights up to 200kg that are measured in 200gr steps. Suitable for all accurate check weighing.

Weighing hand pallet trucks:
Gross/net weighing, zero correction and an adding memory for calculating the total weight per shipment or order. The high quality pallet truck is standard equipped with a quick lift pump and chromium-plated axes and bearings.

All kinds of accurate weighing:
The low own weight makes the pallet truck easy to operate and ergonomically attractive. If a printer is installed, both separate weights and total weight are printed on the ticket. Many options are available: legal for trade versions, explosion proof with ATEX certificate, stainless steel, etc.

The 2100L is meant for all kinds of accurate check weighing, such as checking incoming goods, determining shipping weights, preventing overloading of lorries and filling of drums, containers and big bags.

  • Automatic and manual zero correction
  • Gross/net weighing
  • Automatic and manual tare up to 200 kg
  • Totalling with sequence number
  • Error messages in display
  • Automatic switch-o after 30 minutes of non-use
  • Low battery warning in display
Standard specifications:
  • Weighing capacity 2,200 kg
  • Graduation multirange
  • Max. tolerance 0.1% of the load lifted
  • Stainless Steel Pump
  • Display LCD, digit height 18 mm
  • Keypad 3 function keys, on/o key
  • Protection class load cells IP67, indicator IP65
  • Battery 12Vdc/1.2Ah, exchangeable
  • Battery life 35 hours, low battery indication in display
  • Charger 230V/12Vdc - 300 mA included, Charging time approximately 6 hours
  • Steering wheels of nylon
  • Loading wheels of nylon, tandem
  • Pump quick lift
  • Own weight of 124 kg, excluding the indicator

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