New Bizerba‘s MC 500 PC Scale

New Bizerba‘s MC 500 PC Scale
Bizerba (USA) - Bizerba introduces the first PC scale with an integrated floor stand. The MC 500 scale enables entirely new store concepts and revolutionizes the self-service concept of fruit and vegetable departments. The PC scale can be positioned right in the middle of the offered goods without requiring any extra tables, pedestals or boxes.

In spite of the clear trend towards self-service in the retail sector, many decision makers hesitate to implement this concept in their fruit and vegetable departments. Rather than fraud, they fear that self-service will lead to high expenditures of time and cost. Dispelling these concerns, the new MC 500 scale meets the customers’ expectations for a self-determined, flexible and environmentally-friendly shopping experience.

The MC 500’s elegant and intelligent design meets highest convenience expectations. Pictures and numbers displayed on the large touch screen give users a clear view of the articles available, enabling customers to easily find the right product. Updates reflecting seasonal changes of the product offering are also made easy. Thanks to the special Easy Clean surface, daily cleaning of the self-service scale requires less time and effort on behalf of the employees.

In order to ensure the uninterrupted availability of unattended scales in a self-service environment, an end-of-paper alert is timely issued by a special function. The scale’s floor stand can be opened in order to store replacement label rolls, bags and cleaning material. The power switch is also located in the scale’s interior, preventing any inadvertent or intentional deactivation of the scale.

“Compared to pre-packaged products, investments into a self-service scale equally pay off in terms of purchasing and sales,” said Rainer Maase. Director Business Division Retail, Germany. “If only a single product is spoiled in pre-packaged goods, the whole package must be discarded. In addition, fresh products increasingly meet the customer’s expectation of an individual, demand-oriented product selection.”

In addition to the floor-stand version, a table-top version is also available for retail customers. The RetailControl software handles the entire update management, keeping all scales up-to-date all the time.

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