New C500 Series Indicators from Rinstrum

New C500 Series Indicators from Rinstrum
Rinstrum Europe (Germany) - Rinstrum announced the launch of the new C500 Series instrument family which is the culmination of 25 years of weighing design experience; bringing together the best of their indicator ranges into a compact weighing processor platform.

The C520 is a direct drop in replacement for instruments like the RANGER 5000, 5200, AND AD44XX, Mettler Toledo IND331 and HBM WE2110, WE2111.

With embedded Linux, Ethernet, USB Host, USB Device and 2 expansion slots for analogue output, isolated serial or direct I/O control, the C500 is designed to bridge traditional industrial control and modern IT communications.

Industrial protocols:
The C500 includes HBM AED, Rinstrum rinCMD, Modbus RTU, ASCII and TCP/IP.

With the Ethernet connection comes remote access capabilities through serial sockets, and an on-board embedded web server. Configure graphical application specific user interfaces to connect to any standard web browser.

User Programmable:
Unprecedented at this price point for trade certified weighing instruments is access to full application programmability. Custom applications are written in the scripting language Lua which is familiar to programmers used to mobile app develop, web apps and gaming platforms like Minecraft.

LUA-MAX fixed priced app development:
Rinstrum also offers fixed price application development on this platform through their LUA-MAX program. They take the design risk so the customer can quote custom applications with confidence that they won’t end up with a surprise development bill at the end.

  • The C520 has a high intensity 14-segment LED display and comes with integrated panel mount brackets and a desk stand
  • Multiple instruments can be locked together using the supplied brackets or you can fit an optional dust cover for desk mounting
  • Connect to industrial control networks via I/O, Analogue, Serial or Ethernet
  • Unmatched price point: List price 680€

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