New Demo Video showing Cardinal Scale Mariner® Submersible Scale

New Demo Video showing Cardinal Scale Mariner® Submersible Scale
Cardinal Scale (USA) - DETECTO’s Mariner® digital portion control scale is ready to meet the needs of your weighing application and offers a variety of extraordinary features.

The stainless steel Mariner® is rated IP67, which means that it can be fully submerged underwater for wash-down cleaning. This allows for incredibly easy clean-up after messy weighing applications and is especially important in sanitary food service environments.

This smart, rugged scale saves you time and money during the clean-up process. You can just dunk the scale into warm, soapy water and scrub it thanks to its waterproof design.

The scale’s digital speed and accuracy means you’ll be able to view weights instantly with up to a fine 0.1 ounce accuracy. Weigh up to 10 pounds in pound-ounces, fractional ounces, and other options.

The Mariner® is NSF certified in compliance with food safety regulations.

The brilliant, backlit blue LCD display offers large 1-inch (25-mm) high bold digits that are easy to read. If you wish to turn off the backlighting, simply press and hold the UNITS/BACKLIGHT button until the LCD changes.

The Mariner® features an audible Over/Under alert for checkweighing. You may set the scale to alert when the weight is either over or under a set limit. A Tare button on the Mariner® allows you to remove the weight of a food container to arrive at the actual food product weight.

The Mariner® offers a dual power source of rechargeable battery power or 120-volt AC adapter. Both the rechargeable battery pack and the AC adapter are included with the scale, so it comes out of the box ready to weigh. There is a watertight AC plug on the side.

The automatic shutoff feature helps conserve battery life, and may be set to your choice of several different lengths of time. The Low Battery annunciator will indicate when the batteries are low and need to be recharged. You may conveniently continue weighing while the Mariner® is plugged in for recharging.

The compact scale takes up only a conservative amount of counter space - 7.5 inches W x 9.75 inches D - so it has a minimal footprint for tight spaces. Six rubberized feet provide traction on slippery counter surfaces.

The Mariner® comes in visually-attractive English and Spanish retail packaging to gain attention on highly-competitive store shelves.

This 3-minute video demonstrates the time-saving and hygienic advantages to the new DETECTO Mariner’s wash-down ability after messy weighing applications.


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