New Dibal DIS Software Update

New Dibal DIS Software Update

Dibal S.A. (Spain) - The Dibal application’s improvements facilitate the management of industrial equipment and help saving time.

Dibal, a leader in weighing solutions for retail and industry, presents the update of its DIS industrial software, which simplifies configuration and start-up of Dibal industrial equipment.

With this more intuitive new version, any operator will be able to manage several machines from just one PC (manual and automatic labellers, checkweighers, etc.).

These are some of the functions included in the DIS:

  • Visualization of all connected equipment general outline
  • Real time control of the status of communications with the equipment
  • Configuring equipment from PC
  • Collecting weighing data during production
  • “Start of the day” process
  • “End of the day” process
  • Creating configurable reports in tables and graphs

In addition, new DIS update allows to:

  • Reset equipment information from PC
  • Make back-up copies of information on the equipment from a PC
  • Design labels with DLD label designer software, which shows the information of the DIS database on the labels

"With the DIS software, your company will save time in the start-up and maintenance of your equipment", concluded the company.

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