New Full-Featured Volumetric Feeder from Scaletron Industries

New Full-Featured Volumetric Feeder from Scaletron Industries

Scaletron Industries Ltd. (United States) - An Off-the-Shelf Solution for Additive Dispensing Systems.

The new VMF-90D volumetric screw feeder from Scaletron Industries is an automatic, metering screw feed system for mixing and dispensing dry materials into a secondary process. To expedite delivery and installation, Scaletron has included functionality that previously was available only as options. The resulting feeder is not only operationally robust, but it is also versatile and installs quickly into a wide range of additive metering systems.

Among the numerous efficiency- and productivity-building standard features in the VMF-90D feeder are a concentric material conditioning overwind auger, an SCR controller that may be remotely mounted, a 4-20mA output integrated cycle timer, LIW recording with scale, an alarm sensor and a vibratory agitator. “By making features like these standard instead of options,” explained Scaletron president, Ed Dougherty, “we can improve delivery time. And it also helps assure customers they receive a full-featured feeder that’s ready to go the minute they unpack it.” Dougherty said the new VMF-90D feeder is easy to install in many types of dosing systems without requiring add-ons or modifications to feeder hardware.

Made of rugged, corrosion resistant stainless steel, the new VMF-90D feeder is designed for use in water, wastewater and chemical processing applications. The feeder accurately dispenses most chemicals found in the water and wastewater industries at feed rates of 0.77 to 7.73 cu. ft. per hour and with accuracy to within 1.0% of volume. The built-in 1.5 cu. ft. gravity fed hopper is fed via a stainless steel, 1.5″ diameter open helix feed screw. The hopper features a maintenance access hatch and an integrated load cell attachment point.

Although the unit is pre-engineered to be fully operational off-the-shelf, the Scaletron VMF-90D feeder also offers options for increased versatility and performance. For example, customers may improve precision in dosing operations with an integrated “loss in weight” measurement system available with four load cells and a digital scale controller. For work environments where flammable materials, an explosion proof motor option drives safety measures and helps give workers peace of mind. Other options include a pneumatic vibratory agitator, removable lid and feeder stand

The Scaletron VMF-90D feeder may be used with most dry polymer additives including aluminum sulfate (alum), calcium hydroxide (hydrated lime), carbon, ferric and ferrous sulfate, magnesium hydroxide, polymers, potassium, soda ash, sodium sulfite and thiosulfate, and other dry powders or pelletized materials.

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