New: Introducing the Acaia White Lunar

New: Introducing the Acaia White Lunar

Acaia (United States) - Press Release: We’re delighted to announce a brand new color option for our Lunar espresso scale!

The White Lunar is the latest addition to our Acaia lineup. Excellent for weighing your favorite coffee beans, careful brewing for espresso-based drinks, and more. It will fit right in with your home brew bar or as part of your busy cafe workflow. 

The White Lunar scale features a ceramic coating and fresh matte finish. The ceramic coating possesses hydrophobic qualities which protects the scale from excessive moisture and steam. Some may remember our limited edition Ghost Lunar series with its light glossy texture, but this new white version is here to stay. 

There are no differences in performance between the three Lunar color options. 

The White Lunar is now available to purchase from our official US and European webshops.

It will become globally available from around April through our official network of international distributors.

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