New Modular T5/H31 Out Ground Weighbridge from Società Bilanciai Internazionale

New Modular T5/H31 Out Ground Weighbridge from Società Bilanciai Internazionale
Società Bilanciai Internazionale s.r.l. (Italy) - Società Bilanciai Internazionale thanks to its years of experience in a variety of industrial and commercial sectors, is pleased to present a new Modular T5/H31 Out Ground Weighbridge.

Modular T5/H31 Out Ground Weighbridge is suitable for weighing road vehicles.

Steel plates of suitable thickness placed beneath the scale, making this weighbridge particularly suitable for a quick installation without expensive masonry.

Recommended Applications:
  • Low height out ground installation with metal or masonry ramps
  • Out ground installation on sloping floor (max 2,5%)
  • Modular Structure
  • Really low profile installation 31cm
  • Easy installation
  • Easy mobility
  • Easy maintenance
  • High resistance to weathering
Technical Features:
  • The structure of exceptional strength, is made up of modular panels, completely welded by means of robotic welders
  • Its modular structure facilitates transportation, handling and assembling
  • The height of structure is contained in 31 cm
  • Thanks to its height, the access to the weighbridge can be done with concrete ramps or steel ramps
  • Transverse hatches for easy access to the load cells
  • Possibility to variable length of weighbridge after the installation
  • Weighbridge structure is built with beams IPE, this ensures a resistance over time
  • The loading area is composed of textured sheets that have a function of skid wheels of the truck, especially in cases of particularly dirty or wet surface, and also have the particularity that avoid water stagnation
  • The oscillations adjustment is ensured by special mechanical supports placed above the cells, which also allow a perfect perpendicularity of the load on the cell

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