New Morehouse Precision ISO 376 Compression Load Cells

New Morehouse Precision ISO 376 Compression Load Cells

Morehouse Instrument Company, Inc. (United States) - Press Release: Morehouse Precision ISO 376 Compression Load Cells are critical when high accuracy and low measurement risk are needed.

These load cells are designed for stability and reproducibility for calibrating testing machines following ASTM E4 and ISO 7500 standards, making them the #1 choice for field use load cells (excellent candidate for reference load cells ISO 376 Case C).

Based on measured performance, the precision load cells from Morehouse represent the gold standard of field use load cells with the industry’s lowest range of use, obtaining ASTM E74 Class A verified range of forces from 4 % of capacity & ISO 376 Class 0.5 guaranteed from 10 % of capacity & ISO 376 Class 1 from 4 % of capacity.

These compression-only column-type load cells are often the choice for companies that want the lowest possible uncertainties at an affordable price. Lower uncertainties allow for less frequent standard changes and fewer standards to maintain. Fewer standards to maintain means less overall cost from calibration to transportation.

The Morehouse Precision ISO 376 Compression Load Cell is suitable for the following uses:

  • Field use where transporting fewer standards provides cost savings
  • ISO 376 Class 0.5 or better from 10% of the loading range (Case C
    only, Case D varies by capacity)
  • ASTM E74 performance: Lower Limit Factor (LLF) better than 0.01
    % of full scale, Class A better than 4 % of capacity when used in ascending mode [1]
  • Calibration of Compression Testing Machines to ISO 7500 and ASTME4
  • Applications where side load sensitivity is critical.

[1] When the directions are combined, ascending and descending, there may be a reduction in the loading range. The reduction varies by capacity, and the verified range of forces could increase to 20 % of capacity.

All Morehouse Precision ISO 376 Compression Load Cells come standard with a top block adapter, connector protector, and four-wire cable. Accessories such as six-wire cable, custom-cut protective cases, and various indicators are available.

The top block adapter improves load cell performance by maintaining a consistent contact interface. The connector protector prevents the need for costly repairs of completely preventable damage to the connector.

If Morehouse Precision ISO 376 Compression Load Cells do not meet your needs, chances are we have something that will. Morehouse offers multiple load cell options, most of which can be readily customized to meet customers’ unique requirements.

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