New Pathway Mobile App for Truck Weighing

New Pathway Mobile App for Truck Weighing
Cardinal Scale (USA) - Mobile App for Truck Weights and ID Storage Remote Control.

Imagine inexpensive unattended truck scale weighing without ever even having to roll down your window! Cardinal Scale’s Pathway mobile app provides all of the standard truck scale ID storage functions that are normally performed at the weight indicator directly in the palm of your hand with your smart phone. Pathway gives you the power of the NTEP 825 Spectrum indicator’s weight display in a mobile device which allows truck drivers the efficiency and safety of remaining in their truck while weighing.

Using Cardinal Scale’s S2WIFI or the customer’s wireless network for Wi-Fi connectivity, Pathway provides your truck scale operation with unattended weighing for a very minimal cost. All transactions are recorded automatically on the legal-for-trade 825 indicator’s onboard memory and may be retrieved later with USB memory stick or by Ethernet. Additionally, these individual transactions may be e-mailed or printed directly through the mobile device at the time of weighing. Pathway places the 825 indicator’s remote keyboard and display in the cab of the truck to operate standard ID storage via Wi-Fi.

Once the truck driver pulls onto the scale, the Pathway mobile app self-prompts through four different customizable IDs such as truck number, product type, customer, job number, etc. These IDs are easily set up through the 825 indicator’s QWERTY keyboard during configuration. Pathway prompts for in-and-out, two-pass weighing with transaction tickets generated for Gross, Tare, and Net which may be printed and/or e-mailed through your Android® or Apple® mobile device.

  • Virtually unlimited IDs and transactions.
  • Greatly improves safety and efficiency by the driver never leaving their truck.
  • Remote control operation of the USA-made 825 Spectrum indicator.
  • E-mail or print tickets through your smart phone.
  • Self-prompting truck scale IDs (enter up to 4 customized IDs).
  • Interface via standard TCP/IP to a wireless router or use Cardinal’s optional S2WIFI.
  • Mobile app works with a standard off-the-shelf 825 indicator (requires latest 825 update available on
  • Unattended weighing operations for minimal cost.
  • Highly-efficient record of transactions e-mailed directly to anyone.
  • Available now on Google Play for Android® devices and the App Store for Apple® devices.

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