New PLT Load Cell Kit by Dini Argeo

New PLT Load Cell Kit by Dini Argeo

Dini Argeo S.r.l. (Italy) - "PLT" series' 350 Ohm nikel-plated load cell kits for assembling floor scales.

Ideal for creating platforms with 4 load cells of various sizes and capacities. The kit is made up of 4 350 Ohm IP67 nikel-plated load cells, OIML and NTEP approved, together with adjustable resting feet and an equalisation box.

Load cell technical features:

  • Minimum load cell verification interval Vmin = EMax / 10.000
  • Maximum number of verification intervals nLC = 3000
  • Combined error 0,017% of Full Scale Output (F.S.)
  • Nonlinearity ± 0.02% FS
  • Hysteresis ± 0.02% FS
  • Repeatability ± 0.01% FS
  • Full Scale Output 2mV/V ± 0.5%
  • Zero balance ± 1% FS
  • Compensated Temperature Range -10°C/+50°C.
  • Operating Temperature Range -20°C/+60°C.
  • Creep error after 30 minutes <0,02% F.S.
  • Maximum tolerated excitation voltage 15 Vdc
  • Input Resistance 380 ± 20 Ohm
  • Output Resistance 350 ± 5 Ohm
  • Insulation Resistance >5000 MOhm
  • Safe Overload 150% F.S.
  • Ultimate Overload 300% F.S.
  • 6-wire shielded cable, 3.5m long, 5 mm diameter

Resting feet:

  • Adjustable in height
  • Nikel-plated steel structure
  • Anti-slip base
  • Ipersanitizable
  • Fitted with locking bush

Junction box:

  • Built-in junction and equalisation board
  • IP67 protection from dust and water
  • 1 PG9 Fairlead and 4 PG7 Fairleads


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