New Scale Management System from BACSA

New Scale Management System from BACSA
BACSA - Básculas y Arcas Catalunya, S.A. (Spain) - Innovation and adaptation to make it all easier. BACSA is developing a new software to program and manage scales, basic and easy to use, designed for shops and small businesses.

Their clients are so different, therefore their needs in weighing issues such as knowledge and technical skills in the management and programming of weighing instruments are also different.

After heard their requests BACSA identified the need to create a simple and easy to use software, designed for small shops or supermarkets with one or more scales, allowing easy management of the personalized settings for the implementation of these scales.

Some of the features of this software are as follows:
  • Connect and manage the operation of one or more scales.
  • Register products (PLU’s), including the price and characteristics, organizing them into “Product Families”. That families, at the same time, are organized into “Sections”, offering the possibility to assign them to different scales under the customer preferences.
  • Editable products database via Microsoft Access.
  • Synchronize date, time and advertising message in the screens of all scales, as well as the header and details on the printed ticket.
The purpose of developing this program is helping to make the tasks of the small trader easier and to improve the management and organization within a small supermarket. BACSA’s aim is to keep innovating and making the most of themselves to provide quality products to optimize the time and work of their customers.

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