SENECA launched the New Z-SG2 Load Cell Converter

SENECA launched the New Z-SG2 Load Cell Converter

Seneca (Italy) - SENECA presents Z-SG2, a new strain gauge load cell converter ideal for load cell and scale manufacturers, laboratories, construction industry, food industry, transport systems, logistics, assembly benches, hoists, conveyor belts, elevators, cranes, warehouses.

It is a multifunctional instrument. It is also a weight, force or traction meter, a stand-alone ModBUS data acquisition module and a device that can be integrated with third party systems. Z-SG2 offers multiple methods of calibration of the connected load cell: with or without dedicated software (EASY SETUP), with or without sample weight, with or without acquisition of factory parameters.

The measurement, carried out with 4 or 6 wires technique, is available through ModBUS RTU serial protocol or analog output. The communication is configurable via DIP-switch or via software by connecting to the device with the Micro USB port on the front panel.

Z-SG2 is galvanically isolated 3-way up to 1500 Vac. The accuracy class is 0.01% with load cell sensitivity from 1 to 64 mV/V. The strain gauge can be directly powered by the instrument.

Compared to the Z-SG version on the market since 2007, Z-SG2 stands out for its advanced functions (piece counter, automatic tare reset, threshold alarm, automatically upgradeable firmware) and flexible measurement management modes (measurements available both in full and floating point, measurement stabilized through noise filter, configurable resolution and sampling rate).

SENECA products range for weighing systems also includes the CANopen version of the same module (ZC-SG), an Oled display with ModBUS interface (S401), an equalisation and connection system for up to 4 load cells in parallel (SG-EQ4) and the availability of radio modules and gateways for signal remote control.

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