New Video showing how Loadrite X2650 Excavator Scale works

New Video showing how Loadrite X2650 Excavator Scale works
Loadrite Scales/Actronic Ltd. (New Zealand) - The LOADRITE™ X2650™ system is the latest addition to the LOADRITE family of onboard weighing systems, extending the range to include excavators up to 800 tonnes.

It is the most effective tool for large hydraulic excavators to improve face and pit productivity, providing bucket-by-bucket payload information to optimize the load-out of haul trucks.

More accurate and timely than truck scales, the LOADRITE X2650 provides accurate weighing to within +/- 3% accuracy on your excavator for maximum productivity.

Increase productivity and improve profits by eliminating under or overloading and haul truck turn around. With the X2650 you can ensure payloads are on target and production levels are sufficient to maintain the life of mine estimates.

Below is an illustration of how the LOADRITE X2650 improved pit productivity of a load haul operation. The system provides accurate and timely bucket and truck payload information to operators, which reduces payload variation between trucks and increases the mean payload to the 100% target.


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