GS Software's New Wireless Connection between Load Cell and Indicator

GS Software's New Wireless Connection between Load Cell and Indicator

GS Software (Poland) - "The cable connection between the weighing indicator and load cells is sometimes difficult or even impossible to achieve. In such cases you can use our new product: TBX", explained GS Software.

TBX devices replace the physical cable connection between the load cell and the weight indicator. Communication between the TBX-T transmitters and the TBX-R receiver is carried out using Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology.

The TBX-T (transmitter) is powered from a DC voltage of 3.6 ~ 5 VDC (ie. battery).

The TBX-R (receiver) is supplied directly from the weighing indicator (from the load cell connector).

Advantages of TBX

  • Ultra-low energy consumption
  • Receiver powered directly from the load cell connector (no external power supply)
  • Indication of low battery status (via RS 232 port and LED diode)
  • Clamp connectors (vibration resistant)
  • Energy saving mode (sleep mode in the absence of a change in mass value)
  • An additional LED module indicating the status of the system
  • Many systems can be operated in one location (128 channels can be selected)

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