New XPR Analytical And Micro-Analytical Balances: Valid Results Every Time For Unrivalled Accuracy

New XPR Analytical And Micro-Analytical Balances: Valid Results Every Time For Unrivalled Accuracy

METTLER TOLEDO (Switzerland) - METTLER TOLEDO is launching a new series of XPR Analytical and Micro-Analytical Balances designed to free your samples from electrostatic charges for exceptional accuracy and right-first-time results. With a strong focus on regulatory compliance, when connected to LabX laboratory software, these balances perfectly support data integrity so you are audit-ready any time, even in highly regulated environments.

METTLER TOLEDO is pleased to announce a range of new products to its world-renowned Excellence weighing portfolio: XPR Analytical and Micro-Analytical featuring a variety of functionalities to support your need for regulatory compliance and reliable, right-first-time results.

Regardless of the workflow, lab technicians often experience the invisible enemy causing visible weighing error: electrostatic charges. They occur through normal sample and tare container handling and may negatively influence the overall weighing result. Any error in weighing tends to be magnified in the subsequent stages of the process, affecting the final analytical outcome. Therefore completing weighing tasks right first time is critical to efficient processes and reliable analytical results.

The unique XPR antistatic solution, StaticDetect, combined with the optional ionizing module, offers a complete electrostatic detection and elimination system to ensure accurate weighing results and highest process security. Furthermore, you can rely on XPR analytical balances to deliver you valid results every time thanks to the integrated StatusLight™, LevelControl and GWP Approved helping to meet the requirements for accurate and efficient weighing.

For effortless data handling connect your XPR balances with the LabX laboratory software to centrally control your instruments, users and workflows, store all data, including metadata in a central database, and be always prepared for future audits. LabX helps you meet MHRA and FDA 21 CFR part 11 requirements for data integrity.

For special operations, such as weighing very small samples, XPR Micro-Analytical Balances are the perfect choice. USP minimum weight of 1.4 mg and up to 52 g capacity, enable you to save expensive, rare and potent substances, as well as to avoid transfer loss and the need for time-consuming recalculations.

Moreover, you can simplify your weighing process by choosing from a wide range of accessories customized to your needs, including printers, software, ErgoClips, density kits, antistatic solutions, filter weighing, and CarePacs.


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Successful analyses begin with accurate weighing. Thanks to smart quality assurance features, XPR analytical balances deliver valid results first time, every time. Seamlessly integrating into your existing information system, XPR analytical balances support the highest requirements for security, efficiency and compliance.

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Eliminate electrostatic charges and avoid one of the largest hidden sources of weighing error. Thanks to our patented antistatic solutions, XPR analytical balances detect and eliminate electrostatic charges on your sample and weighing vessel.

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XPR analytical balance sare equipped with various intelligent functions, such as StatusLight, LevelControl and GWP Approved, which support to ensure right-first-time results by actively monitoring that all relevant conditions for correct weighing are satisfied, giving you the reassurance that your results are valid.

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With XPR micro-analytical balances you are able to weigh very small sample quantities directly into larger tare containers, with unrivalled accuracy. Not only do you use less of your most valuable substances (thanks to a minimum weight of just 10 mg, according to USP), but you minimize waste too.

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