Nordkalk is gearing up for the future

Nordkalk is gearing up for the future
Scanvaegt Nordic A/S (Sweden) - When Nordkalk in Köping, Sweden, decided to replace their old registration system for the weighbridges, the #1 priority was to find a system, which complied with high demands to optimum usability, functionality, service and support.

…with a new IT-system for weighing on weighbridges - the system handles weighing-in and -out, sampling, management of dosage, access control, control of barriers and integration to the administrative system.

Nordkalk is the marketleading producer in Northern Europe of first class limestone-based products for e.g. the paper-, steel- and building materials industries as well as the environmental sector and the agriculture. In 2003 the turnover was 255 mio. Euro and the company had 1,300 employees in 36 divisions in 8 countries – 7 of which are production plants, situated in Sweden.

When Nordkalk decided to replace their old registration system, they chose to start-up the project at one of the largest plants, which is in Köping, Sweden. The goal was to find a system, that would comply with their high demands to usability, functionality, service and support.

A complete system, that solves all the jobs:
Weighing-out materials is done on weighbridges, after the driver himself has loaded the truck inside the plant area.

Nordkalk chose Scanvaegt's registration and data capture system for weighbridges – ScanX – for the job. With this system Nordkalk can now handle weighing-in and -out, sampling, management of dosage, access control to the area, control of barriers, communication with alarm transmitters and integration to Nordkalk's administrative system.

Project manager Lars Sunnebo in Köping explains the reason for choice of supplier: "Scanvaegt was very professional during the entire planning phase and they have the technical competence and the resources, which we require. In addition to this they provide a wide range of service- and support functions, which is crucial to us," Lars Sunnebo continues. "And finally, Scanvaegt gave us a very advantageous tender, on technical design as well as price".

Efficient and fast transactions:
The truck driver has an order for which materials, that is to be loaded onto the truck – this order has been transferred from Nordkalk's administrative system to ScanX.

In order to enter the plant area the driver has to identify himself at the ScanX access control, which registers log-in ID and time. The driver then keys-in order no. and then ScanX guides him through the additional registration on the display. Finally the system displays a total overview, which the driver accepts - then he is informed about which loading silo to go to.

Before the registration can be completed, the driver also has to sign for the alarm transmitter, he carries.

Certain orders require a sample. This takes place automatically in ScanX, based on the data, transferred from the administrative system. A sampling label with all relevant data can be printed-out, if required.

When the driver arrives at the loading silo he must identify himself again on a data terminal - this is to ensure, that the driver has come to the correct loading site. If everything is OK, the loading can begin. Once completed, the truck is weighed-out and a weight slip with all data of the load is printed-out.

All weight data is then automatically exported Nordkalk's administrative system, where invoicing is done - without any further manual registration.

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