NTEP Approved Grain Dump Scale by B-TEK Scales

NTEP Approved Grain Dump Scale by B-TEK Scales
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On June 26, 2013, a technician from the Ohio NTEP Laboratory came to B-TEK Scales to oversee the tolerance and testing procedures for certifying our 100’ Centurion flat top scale with a grain dump. This Kansas bound scale performed beyond even our expectations, showing only a 10 pound variance with 90,000 pounds stacked over a 4’ x 8’ area (designated area for measuring CLC). In fact the scale performed so well that we were even able to get the division size down to 2 pound increments while keeping the weight steady.

The first set of tests began with smaller 1,000 pound block weights and then gradually worked up to 5,000 pound slab weights. After moving the test cart and weights around the different sections of the scale during the build tests, the technician was satisfied and gave us the stamp of approval before 5:00 pm. This completed a typical 2-day process in less than 5 hours!

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