NWS NUWEIGH is Proud to Be an Australian Distributor and Supplier of RADWAG Balances and Scales

NWS NUWEIGH is Proud to Be an Australian Distributor and Supplier of RADWAG Balances and Scales

NWS NUWEIGH (Australia) - Press Release: RADWAG were founded in 1984 and are now recognized globally for providing innovative solutions with extraordinary precision of top-class measuring equipment. Manufactured in Poland, showcasing exceptional European quality, RADWAG are a market leader in the engineering of laboratory balances.

NWS NUWEIGH hold a vast range of high accuracy balances, including: Analytical Balances, Micro Balances, Mass Comparators, Moisture Balances, Precision Balances and Entry Level Balances.

Analytical Balances are highly sensitive, accurate and extremely precise. Engineered to weigh increments of 0.1mg to 0.01mg, these balances feature fully automatic internal calibration ensuring reliable weight readings with every use. Supplied with a draft shield to prevent wind from causing movement however, we also recommend using a controlled room free of wind and vibrations. We can supply an anti-vibration table to assist in the prevention of movement.

Micro Balances and Mass Comparators provide superior accuracy by implementing the most modern electronic technology. The sensitive nature of the balance provides weighing accuracies up to a million plus divisions of a gram, commonly referred to as a microgram (µ). RADWAG also offer remarkably precise microbalances with resolutions of several million divisions, engineered to weigh extremely small samples with incredible accuracies. These are all offered by RADWAG and distributed by NUWEIGH, to ensure you receive the most accurate and highest accuracy possible.

RADWAG’s range of Moisture Balances are the most sophisticated, yet simplest to operate. Predominately used to determine the moisture content of a sample by measuring the sample, before, during and after it has been heated, and the difference is the moisture content loss. Features include in-built databases to memorise the required cooking recipe per product, GLP reporting, very high accuracy and various other options such as hands-free opening doors. The MA-X2 range can even predict the final moisture context before the drying process has been completed.

Precision Balances have a broad range of capacities and increments and feature either Load cell or Magnetic Compensation weighing systems. Our range of RADWAG Balances showcase various high-quality features, accuracies and platter sizes ranging from a small compact 1000g x 0.001g balance through to a very large platter for weighing objects 120kg x 2g.

Entry Level Balances are a reliable, economical option for accurate weight readings in smaller capacities. This range of scales are more simplistic in their functionality and are generally more portable then our Precision and Analytical options and as a result, the accuracies provided aren’t as sensitive.

Whether it’s extremely high accuracies, linearity and repeatability, heavy capacity, mass comparison or balance accessories you require, NUWEIGH can assist in suppling the perfect RADWAG Laboratory Balance to suit your needs.

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