PENKO releases the SGM700 Digitizer Series

PENKO releases the SGM700 Digitizer Series
PENKO Engineering B.V. (Netherland) - Known in the industry for its quality and reliability, PENKO Engineering B.V. has officially released the SGM700 series of digitizers to its range of sophisticated high precision instruments.

The SGM700 is a replacement of the current SGM400 series, presenting a modern compact design using state of the art technology and offering additional features. The ease of implementation empowers the customer, offering the confidence that systems can be set up without additional time consuming and costly service requirements.

Ideal applications include silo based weighing systems, PLC integrated systems and/or stand-alone weighing systems. The SGM700 comes in various flavors:
  • SGM 710 Amplifier USB only, including analog output
  • SGM 720 Digitizer Ethernet, analog output option
  • SGM 730 Digitizer 485CAN, analog output option
  • SGM 740 Digitizer Profibus, analog output option
  • SGM 750 Digitizer serial, analog output option In the next few months this list will be extended to include a Wifi as well as a BlueTooth analog output option.
About PENKO Engineering B.V. :
PENKO Engineering B.V. is a Dutch company within the global ETC Inc. group of companies. We are based in Ede, The Netherlands. We supply a wide range of load cells, instrumentation and controllers that are designed for high accuracy, high speed weighing and dosing applications. In addition, we offer a range of ancillary products including loading assemblies, amplifiers, display panels, and software for data capture and display. We are also able to discuss customer design requirements for complete assemblies or sub-assembly units for OEMs and ‘one-off’ projects within this area of expertise.

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