Pesola Spring Scale for testing the tensile strength of hot-air Balloon fabric

Pesola Spring Scale for testing the tensile strength of hot-air Balloon fabric

Pesola Präzisionswaagen AG (Switzerland) - Boppart hot-air balloon from Gossau offers ballooning in Switzerland since many years. To increase the safety of ballooning, the tensile strength of the balloons’ s fabric has to be tested yearly or after each 100 hours of use.

The fabric of the balloon is fixed between two rubber plates of the grab testing equipment. The traction measurement by the spring scale is initiated with a lever the fabric has to withstand a force of minimum 14kg, without tearing apart. This verification of the tensile strength is important for the safety of ballooning.

The PESOLA spring scale 80020 with a maximum capacity of 20kg is the ideal measuring instruments for the verification of the tensile strength of balloon fabric. The Spring Scale is robust and ready for use at any time. Thanks to its unmatched accuracy, PESOLA Scales allow for a precise measurement.

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