Popular Modules and Add-ons of UniWin Weighing Software from Infotech Logistics

Popular Modules and Add-ons of UniWin Weighing Software from Infotech Logistics
Infotech Logistics B.V. (Netherlands) - In the past 15 years that UniWin is on the market Infotech Logistics focussed on weighing as much as possible. From resellers and corporate customers they received a lot of requests for added functionality. Many of these requests were very valid. When they could, they added the functionality into the kernel. In cases this was not possible, they created a module (*.dll or *.exe) that can be used from UniWin or the UniWin Service.

Below modules are very popular:
  • WBTrack - A module that detects the highest measured weight of the weighbridge, regardless if an actual weighing took place. This module is very useful in fraud-detection
  • Truck-Callup - This module manages automatic callup and access-control of Trucks, based on internal locations.
  • UniStatus - It provides an overview of all the peripherals that are connected to and controlled by UniWin. Especially with large installations (24x7 operations) it is very useful to see the status of the equipment in one single screen at e.g. the control-room.
  • UniMobile - This is a touch-based application that operates on touchscreen-PC's, touchscreen-monitors, smartphones & tablets (iOS/Android/Windows) and is used for "unmanned" weighing.
  • UniCamera - With this module, UniWin can link to an IP-based camera. At the moment of weighing, UniWin stores the actual view of the camera. The images can be viewed from UniWin, and/ or printed on tickets, reports.
  • UniEmail - This module enables UniWin to send tickets, reports, system-errors via email. Emails can be triggered automatically using a schedules, or manually by operators/users.

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