Precisa's New Balance AeroPan and VasoFrame Load Carriers

Precisa's New Balance AeroPan and VasoFrame Load Carriers

Precisa (Switzerland) - Precisa's AeroPan and VasoFrame Load Carrier.

AeroPan and VasoFrame:

Launch of new load carriers for series 390, 360, 321 and 320.

AeroPan for Series 390:

Speed up your weighing process with the new weighing pans for the series 390.


  • Time saving due to fast stability of the balance (up to 50% faster)
  • Improved standard deviation

VasoFrame for Series 390 and 360 / 321 / 320:

This new laboratory ware holder not only allows for a speeded up weighing process but ensures a safe and ergonomic work process as well. Its flexibility makes secure positioning of various tare containers easy.


  • Weighing directly into the desired vessel
  • Secure placement of different shapes of flasks and tubes
  • Ergonomic positioning of different kinds of flasks and tubes
  • Stepless adjustments for flasks of 10-100ml
  • Avoids transfer errors
  • Reduces sample loss
  • Minimizes risk of contamination
  • Fast stability of the balance

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