Ravas’ New Generation of iForks with Touchscreen

Ravas’ New Generation of iForks with Touchscreen
Ravas (Netherlands) - The nextgen iForks with touchscreen display for weighing on counterbalanced trucks, reach trucks and narrow aisle trucks.

The latest generation wireless scale forks that can easily be installed onto any forklift truck. iForks Touch is fitted with a user friendly RAVAS touchscreen indicator that offers many advanced scale functions.

iForks Touch is:
Highly accurate: iForks Touch is designed for Flexblock technology, absorbing forces that distort the weight measurement, making the scale highly accurate. iForks Touch can show the weight in 500 gram increments. Tested and certified, iForks Touch can be supplied in legal for trade version, for invoicing based on weight. Read more about “legal for trade”.

Easy to operate: The touchscreen lets you operate the indicator in much the same way as a tablet computer. The lay-out of the screen interface can be configured to fit the exact needs of the user.

Advanced functions: The following configurator program modules are standard supply on the Touch indicator: weighing, data input, counting, totalizing and recipe weighing. Examples of special features that can be configured are load center measurement, or dimensioning loads by integration with CubeTape.

The Advantages of iForks Touch:
  • High accuracy;
  • Many advanced scale functions;
  • Configurable user interface;
  • Programmable for customer specific applications;
  • Standard memory for 50 tare values;
  • Integration with other devices, like CubeTape, barcode scanners (via USB), or PDA;
  • iForks Touch is certified legal for trade, with a maximum of 2000 display graduations and 500 gram as smallest display increment.

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