RDS Technology launched the LOADEX 100 Scale for Excavators

RDS Technology launched the LOADEX 100 Scale for Excavators
RDS Technology (UK) - LOADEX 100 is a retrofittable scale installed on both tracked and wheeled 360 degree excavators and material handling machines to weigh the amount of material in the bucket, grab or clamshell.

A minimum of two pressure sensors are installed into the hydraulic lift system. The pressure signals are captured, filtered and corrected by measurements taken by an inclinometer. Slope corrections are made from another inclination sensor on the chassis.

When used dynamically, the pressures are captured through a set weighing zone. The system may also be used in static weighing mode; the boom can either be lifted to a set weighing position where the pressure is captured, or measuring constantly in a “live” mode at any required boom height. Both dynamic and static weighing positions are adjustable by the operator to suit any job required, which will enable the machine to be used at its most efficient output.

Dipper arm position is established by a mechanical angle sensor mounted on the boom to dipper arm pivot. This provides fast and precise dipper arm angle measurement that is not affected by inertia g-forces or acceleration effects.

As an added option, oil temperature compensation can be provided by a clamp-on temperature sensor. Ultrasonic technology provides accurate bucket position compensation.

The final calculation is sent via CAN protocol to the LOADEX 100 cabin terminal. Load and store information is saved in the terminal where it can be distributed to an in-cab printer, modem or internal SD flash card.

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