Reduce Measurement Time by 80 Percent with New Moisture Analyzer Function QuickPredict

Reduce Measurement Time by 80 Percent with New Moisture Analyzer Function QuickPredict

METTLER TOLEDO (Switzerland) - QuickPredict, a new moisture analyzer software functionality from METTLER TOLEDO, minimizes time-to-result. Measurements that used to take up to 15 minutes or longer can be predicted in just two minutes to help you maintain quality and speed up production.

Moisture analysis is critical to product quality, however waiting on results can create production bottlenecks by tying up equipment and delaying batch releases. QuickPredict can estimate a sample’s moisture content in just two minutes.

QuickPredict works because different samples have distinct drying curves, regardless of the amount of moisture present. This “fingerprint” can be used to build up sample-specific prediction knowledge. Once this knowledge is established, the equipment can accurately predict the outcome of a measurement shortly after it starts.

Using QuickPredict is easy. A wizard guides you step-by-step through software set-up. Once enabled, routine measurements including pass/fail functionality are performed in typical fashion (a single button-click).


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See how QuickPredict can shorten time-to-result for routine moisture analysis so you can enhance throughput while maintaining excellent quality control.

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