Retailers improve operations with New Checkout Point-of-sale Scale

Retailers improve operations with New Checkout Point-of-sale Scale
METTLER TOLEDO (USA) - Retailing is a business of finding the pennies that leak away store profit. Can you imagine saving a penny or more on every fresh item you weigh in the checkout lane?

Hundreds of fresh products are weighed and priced at checkout each day in the grocery. Proper performance of the checkout scale is critical for optimal pricing of fresh goods. First, it is important to understand a few fundamentals about what is going on behind the counter. W&M regulations require that the weight of the bag, known as the tare weight, must be subtracted from the weight of the total purchase. This ensures that the shopper only pays for the produce and not the plastic bag. Most retailers automatically deduct this tare weight through their POS system.

Most scales installed in checkout lanes today can weigh items up to 15 kg in 5 g increments. This means the smallest value, or increment that the scale can identify is 5 g. However, the average weight of a plastic bag from the produce section is 2,6 g. Thus, for every weight transaction involving a bag, the retailer gives away an additional 2,4 g. While 2,4 g may seem insignificant, this little weight adds up to a substantial profit loss when factoring that this happens for every transaction of random weight goods inventory.

The METTLER TOLEDO DIVA solves this issue with use of Dual Interval technology. Instead of just a single range of weight with 5 g as the smallest increment, DIVA uses a second range of weight with a smaller increment size, 2 g. DIVA can therefore tare the weight of the bag much more accurately, thus saving retailers significant money! Since you need a scale, wouldn’t you choose dual interval?

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