Rinstrum appoints Stringer & Co. as master distributor in UK

Rinstrum appoints Stringer & Co. as master distributor in UK

Rinstrum Pty Ltd (Australia, UK) - Australian weighing solutions provider Rinstrum Pty Ltd has appointed Stringer & Co (Scales) Ltd as their master distributor in the United Kingdom, with the contract being signed between the two companies on 7th March 2018.

Rinstrum Pty Ltd is the top weighing solutions provider in Australia, and has offices in USA, Germany, and Sri Lanka. Rinstrum utilises over 25 years of expertise to provide high quality weighing products and solutions to a wide range of industries. Among Rinstrum’s product range are Digital Indicators, Bench and Hanging Scales, Remote Displays, Weight Controllers and Batchers, and Weight Transmitters.  

Stringer & Co, established in 1955, offers a wide range of weighing products, from micro balances to fully programmable system controllers.

Rinstrum’s collaboration with Stringer & Co is set to benefit its UK market in several aspects. Stringer & Co will maintain stock in the UK, decreasing delivery times; customers will be able to transact with Stringer & Co in Sterling Pounds, removing currency risks and banking fees considerably; and Stringer will be able to provide expert technical support. Stringer & Co are experienced users of the Rinstrum product range and are committed to keep up with new products through distributor meetings and technical training courses.

Stringer & Co currently acts as exclusive agents for several overseas manufacturers in the United Kingdom and are therefore well placed to be the master distributor for Rinstrum’s range of products.

Stringer & Co and Rinstrum Europe GmbH (Germany) are currently preparing a Dealer Day in the second quarter of 2018, where customers will be given the opportunity to interact directly with representatives from both companies and to see Rinstrum’s product offerings.

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