Sartorius AG Webinar: Weigh It Right the First Time in Karl Fischer Titration

Sartorius AG Webinar: Weigh It Right the First Time in Karl Fischer Titration

On February 24, 2022

Location: Online (Webinar)

Sartorius AG (Germany) - Have you wondered what could influence your weighing?

Have you been frustrated with long conditioning time before your KF titration run?

Have you struggled with lost weight printout or wrong weight input for KF titration?

itration is a widely used analytical method in quality control and research & development. Accuracy and precision of the results are critical to ensure the efficacy of process and final products.

Weighing is an integral step of analytical measurements and determinations in all laboratories. As weighing forms the first stage of the analysis chain, accuracy and precision of the eventual results would be highly influenced by the reliability of the weight.

Join us in this Metrohm x Sartorius webinar to learn about the factors affecting accuracy and precision in titration, fundamentals in weighing and system integration for titrator and balance.

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