Scaime eNod4 - A high-performance weighing function for Schneider Electric PLCs

Scaime eNod4 - A high-performance weighing function for Schneider Electric PLCs
Scaime S.A.S. (France) - As part of a technology partnership, Schneider Electric and Scaime combine to provide weighing solutions specially developed for fast and easy integration into an automated system.

Meeting the flexibility needs of OEMs and system integrators, eNod4 offers a validated connectivity on the Schneider Electric M340, M258 and M238 PLCs. It presents also many features facilitating its integration:
  • Access to all parameters and functions via the PLC communication bus.
  • 2 digital inputs and 4 outputs fully configurable.
  • Factory setting allowing a module exchange without losing calibration.
To control all weighing processes and provide an efficient tasks sharing with the PLC, eNod4 is available with three integrated firmware versions:
  • In transmitter version, eNod4-T offers a fast and easy way to transmit weight value and manage weighing functions and calibration.
  • In dosing version, eNod4-D offers functionality dedicated to dosing/filling. According to parameters sent from a PLC, eNod4-D is able to manage a dosing cycle by loading or unloading.
  • In checkweighing version, eNod4-C controls by itself the complete weight acquisition process, also taking in consideration external detectors signals to calculate the dynamic weight value.

SCAIME designed eNod4 for most demanding weighing applications in terms of accuracy and speed, such as filling and packaging machines.

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