Scaletron Industries Redesigned its Ton Cylinder Lifting Bar

Scaletron Industries Redesigned its Ton Cylinder Lifting Bar
Scaletron Industries, Ltd. (USA) - Designed for use with Model 3001™ - 3006™ Digital Ton Cylinder Scale, now Lighter, Stronger, with Fork Lift Holes.

Scaletron Industries, Ltd., a manufacturer of corrosion resistant digital and mechanical scales, has redesigned its Model 3000LBTM Ton Cylinder Lifting Bar. Previously made from five inch steel channel, the new bar is fabricated from 2" x 6" x 1/4" steel plate. Not only is the lifting bar now stronger than the original model, but it's also lighter making it easier to handle and less costly to ship.

Also enhancing ease of use are standard 5.5 inch wide fork lift carry holes - not on the original model - and a lifting bail welded to the top center of the bar. The bail is made from one inch diameter solid steel bar. Heavy duty lifting hooks are attached at either end of the bar and are cut from one inch thick steel plate. Greater surface contact on the hook pivot points increases durability and reduces wear. When not being used, the hooks are easily pivoted and swung out of the way into a storage cavity built into the lifting bar.

To improve corrosion resistance, the new lifting bar is primed with zinc oxide. This creates a non-porous base to which the final coating of dry powder epoxy adheres. The result is a finish with high corrosion resistance.

The bar measures 76 inches long which accommodates most ton cylinder designs.

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