Scanvaegt Systems launches ScanX.NET 2.4

Scanvaegt Systems launches ScanX.NET 2.4

Scanvaegt Nordic A/S (Denmark) - Press Release: We’re launching version 2.4 af ScanX.NET, which incorporates new features for optimising work processes and smarter handling of data registrations from weighbridge systems.


  • Use on tablet & smartphone
  • Easy handling of GDPR
  • License Plate Recognition
  • Remote control of terminal

ScanX.NET on tablet or Smartphone:

ScanX.NET is now available for use on your tablet and smartphone, via the browser-based solution - ScanPortal – which can be applied to i-phone as well as Android-phones. It allows the user freedom of movement and makes it easy for the operators to handle a number of different jobs, while working everywhere around the site.

The questions in the form on the smartphone / tablet can be adapted to the specific job and can be phrased freely. The colours of the form can also be adjusted and differentiated to the individual user.

License Plate Recognition: Automatical identification:

Another new function is License Plate Recognition for automatical identification of the license plate of the vehicle. A video camera read off the license plate and transfers the data to ScanX.NET, where the master data of the customer then is retrieved.

This new function replaces the somewhat cumbersome process with identification by means of RFID cards. This function makes the identification easy and fast – and prevents use of wrong cards.

Remote control of the driver terminal:

With the Show Terminal function, the operator can operate the driver terminal screen directly on his own pc. The operator can thus guide the driver or completely take over the operation and complete the registration.

The view is two-ways - that is, the operator on his PC can see what the driver is doing, and the driver can see on the terminal what the operator is doing.

Overview of recent registrations:

The function Most Recent Registrations provides the operator with a quick overview of recently completed registrations. It appears as a small list below the Active Registrations.

In case of corrections in the registration, the operator simply just right-click - then the registration can be changed, e.g. in case of wrong item no. If the same vehicle is to be weighed several times, the operator simply just double-clicks on the previous weighing – then it is ready for a new registration.

Improved validation in the WasteDataSystem:

The validation function of the WasteDataSystem has been optimised and now ensures, that the quality of the data complies with the new, more strict regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency. This prevents sending reports which otherwise would have been rejected by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Easy handling of the GDPR:

ScanX.NET 2.4 has a new function - Forget me – which solves the challenge with handling sensitive personal data in an easy way. With just one click, the function anonymises the personal data – this is done by replacing specific texts with random texts.

Gravel: module for gravel plants and raw material extraction:

The Gravel module is designed specifically to gravel plants and the raw material extraction industry, and meets a number of wishes and requirements.  

The module incorporates e.g. the function Multi Tare on Vehicle, which allows for the use of several different tare values for the same vehicle. This may be required for vehicles with varying equipping – e.g. if the vehicle has a crane mounted.

The Gravel module also has a new Operator Panel, which is optimised for use in gravel plants and raw material extraction industries. In this module it’s very easy to connect agreements directly to the customer. The module also has a optimised flow on the driver terminal, making it very easy to process the weighings on the weighbridge.

ScanX.NET 2.4 incorporates more smart improvements:

  • The Report module Extended Report has been boosted and is now more simple and efficient to use.
  • Installation as well as configuration has become easier, e.g. the configuration can be done from a central office.
  • All fonts and icons have had a make-over with new colours – providing a better user experience.


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