Schenck Process increases presence in South-East Asia

Schenck Process increases presence in South-East Asia
Schenck Process (Indonesia) - Schenck Process is continuing on the right track for global growth and has founded a brand new location in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta. This step is a continuation of the Darmstadt-based company’s thirty-year history of maintaining representative offices in the region and will now provide considerable impetus to Scheck Process’ market presence in this fast-growing region.

The establishment of a Schenck Process location in Indonesia will continue to optimise the company’s proximity to customers in the region and allow new business areas to be developed. Alongside the booming steel and cement industry, where Schenck Process has been active for considerable amount of time, South-East Asia’s mining sector also has a great deal of potential. Indonesia is currently the third-largest exporter of coal and is looking to strengthen its market position even further – providing opportunities for growth which Schenck Process intends to be a part of.

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